MIFCO - McEnglevan Industrial Furnace Company, Inc

Bench Model Heat Treat Furnace

General Purpose Bench Model Heat Treat Furnace

Fast Heating – Durable


High Temperature Hardening – Annealing – Stress Relieving
Preheating for Welding – Special Applications – Temperatures to 2200° F
All Standard Models Include . . .

Molded insulation with ceramic fiber blanket lining provides exceptional insulating properties, speeds heat up time and greatly reduces power consumption.
Furnace walls backed up with molded insulating materials to form rigid, durable unit.
Heavy duty, low watt density heating elements for maximum element life located in the top, bottom and both sides of the heating chamber.
A heat resistant chrome-nickel-alloy hearth plate which resists wear.
Hard, wear resistant refractory door sills and door to withstand abuse.
Heavy gauge, welded steel furnace case.
The digital control package is standard on all models.
Safety door switch interlock for power control. Power is off when door opens.

NOTE- Picture shown is the HTE88 model, the  HTE1212 and HTE1414 have side mounted cabinets


Dimensions and Specifications for Bench Model Heat Treat Furnace

HTE-466W - 4H6.5W -5H-9D18W-22H-18D5.5W - 8.5L2120120x20170 lbs.
HTE-888W - 6H10W-10H-16D28W-32H-32D8W - 17-1/4L5120/240130x36510 lbs
HTE-121212W - 10H14W-14H-20D39W-29H-35D12W - 22-1/4L10240/4801 or 336x42910 lbs.
HTE-141414W - 14H16W-16H-29D46W-31H-42D13-1/2W - 27L15240/4801 or 342x481,238 lbs.