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Mobile Quench Tank Systems


Mobil Quench Tank Systems For Tool Room, Vocational and Metals Tech Labs
QT-350A and QT-200Ajomine

Model JQF-1 Jominy Quench Fixture,
portable model, with stainless steel bracket; Aluminum quench chamber, nozzle, locator and piping; with motorized pump

Heat treating involves three distinct steps – high temperature heating or austenizing, rapid cooling or quenching to harden, and tempering for final hardness and physical properties. Each step is significant in its effect on final results.

To fill the need of quenching equipment for the general shop, MIFCO has developed industrial type units for tool room, vocational education and metals technology. They have powerful agitator circulating pumps, separate quench chamber with catch basket, and electric heaters and temperature controller as optional equipment.

The shop rule for calculating quench-tank capacity is one gallon of quench media, for each pound of steel quenched at 1500°F per hour. The sixty gallon capacity of the powered units provides ample volume for the average shop.

Standard quench oils give best results when heated to 120° F to 140° F. The oil quench tanks are immersion electrode heated and have automatic temperature control. Special high temperature oil can also be used at 300° to 400° for hot oil quenching. Water quench tanks are usually maintained at 60° to 70° by addition of tap water and are built with tap inlet and overflow.

A Jominy Hardenability Test End Quench Fixture is available for vocational and metallurgical laboratory work. It is a portable, integral unit and is used with the QT-200-A system or comparable size tank. The support stand, end quench chamber, flow nozzle and support ring are rust resistant stainless steel or brass. The pump is 110 volt, 60 cycle with flow adjusting valve and cord.

Model QT-20 Mobile Quench Tankqt35

35 gallon capacity, 10 gauge steel, 16 in. x 18 in. x 28 in. high, on 3 in. casters,
single compartment with catch basket and cover.

Model QT-200-A Mobile Water Quench System


Sixty gallon capacity. Shell 12 gauge steel, mounted on 3 in. casters. With 1/2 HP, propeller type agitator and control panel. Overall size 29 in. square x 44 in. high. Supply Voltage and Phase Options: 115/230V / 1PH, or 230/460V / 3PH. Approximate weight 360 lbs.

Model QT-350A Mobile Oil Quench System


Sixty gallon capacity. Inner tank, 10 gauge steel, 24 in. square x 30 in. deep, with 16 in. x 24 in. x 30 in. deep quench chamber and catch basket. Tank insulated with 2 in. insulation. Outer shell 12 gauge reinforced steel, mounted on 3 in. casters. With 4800 watt heater, heavy duty contactor and indicating / controlling temperature instruments, range 0-400 F. With 1/2 HP, 110 volt, propeller type agitator with overload protection and control panel. Overall size: 29 in. square x 44 in. high. Approximate weight 550 lbs. Supply Voltage and Phase Options: 230V / 1PH, or 230/460V / 3PH.