Foundry Accessories

MIFCO manufactures and distributes a wide variety of accessories for both the foundry and the heat foundryAccesstreat operation. We manufacture crucible handling equipment such as Crucible Tongs and Crucible Shanks. We also manufacture Lifting Bails for the shanks, a Powered Vibrating Sand Riddle, Molders Benches, Hand Held pyrometers  and Wall Mounted Pyrometers, Ingot Molds, Skimmers and Bell Plungers.

We also distribute Crucibles and Crucible Base Blocks from the major manufacturers, a line of Steel Flasks, Molding Tools, and Charging Tongs.

Additionally we carry a complete line of High Temperature Protective Safety Clothing.

Most of these accessory items are available online at the MIFCO STORE and can be purchased direct with most cards or bank drafts.  Our sales staff will contact you and discuss your needs and any questions you may have. We can also prepare a customized quote.