Analog Handheld Pyrometer

Model MT-400 Lance Pyrometer


Dual Scale
0-2350° F and 0-1300° C
OPN #030864

Dropping a lance pyrometer is like dropping a watch!
The meter movement is usually broken.mt400

The MIFCO Model MT-400 Lance Pyrometer is designed so meter replacement is simple, relatively inexpensive, and can be done by the operator or instructor in the shop. Meter replacement requires no more than a few minutes, reducing downtime and eliminating the need to return the instrument to the manufacturer for repair.

The Model MT-400 Portable Pyrometer uses an enclosed probe to sense the temperatures of a variety of non-ferrous molten metals. The rugged temperature compensated meter movement is accurate within ± 2% of the meter scale.


The illustration above shows the assembled instrument plus the component parts:
A – Marshall tip thermocouple and lead OPN #004041
B – Extension lead protection tube OPN #030874
C – Instrument meter housing OPN #030871
D – Meter movement OPN #004430
E – Instrument meter frame OPN #030870

Each component can be ordered separately if needed.

MT400 pyrometer instructions