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Dip Out Melting Furnaces

Combination Melting and Dip Out Melting Furnace

Dip Out Melting Furnace Models DO-300, DO-600, DO-1000, DO-1500 & DO-2000

Larger capacities available for cast iron pots in stationary or hydraulically tilted styles – gas fired.
Aluminum: up to 7,500 lbs.
Zinc or Kirksite: up to 20,000 lbs.
Lead: up to 30,000 lbs.


MIFCO now has 5 different sizes of our Dip Out furnaces to offer, available in 2 configurations to accommodate various needs. The MIFCO Dip Out furnaces use a high velocity burner that is more do1000aefficient, provides more even heating of the firing chamber and crucible, and is designed for this application. All of these features will result in significant savings in gas consumption and greatly increased crucible life. Each model includes a control instrument with programming capabilities for overnight idling of the furnace. The safety system is equipped with a self diagnostic display that confirms the integrity of all system components prior to start-up. In the event of a system shut-down, the diagnostic package will help determine the cause of the shut-down. All controls are housed in a Nema 1 rated enclosure with fused disconnect.

Burner System

The burner system is a high velocity type burner controlled by the microprocessor based control system. Once the initial adjustments are made, there are no valves to turn because the gas-air proportioning DO-backmixer is automatic. There are two types of burner systems offered; a standard F.M. approved proportioning burner system or one with an optional I.R.I. approved valve train.

Many insurance companies are requiring that burner systems over 150,000 BTU/HR be equipped with an I.R.I. (Industrial Risk Insurance) approved valve train. This optional valve train is available on all Dip-Out furnaces and our larger Tilting Melters (T-600 and larger). The main components are a gas regulator, double gas cock shut-off valves, double gas valve actuators, a block and vent gas valve, high/low gas pressure switch, air switch, and a sophisticated flame supervision system to control all of these components. There are high and low fire purges and proof of purge prior to ignition of the main flame. We believe that this system is the best available on the market today. The I.R.I. approved gas train will provide safe start-up and operation for both your employees and your plant.


Ventilation and Hoods-click here


The crucible is supported on a crucible rest that sits on the hard brick bottom. The furnace has a side drain in case of a crucible leak or break. The crucible is sealed at the top so that no flame comes out the top to contaminate the melt. For operator comfort, all exhaust exits at the back of the furnace.

Control System

A free standing NEMA1 control panel, to house the digital control instruments and the flame safeguard controls, is furnished as standard equipment. The standard controls are digital microprocessor based dipoutchart-new4-22-1controls that can be configured in either Centigrade or Fahrenheit. The control instrument furnished also features Ramp/Soak Programming so that idle programs can be entered for even greater gas savings. The ultra-violet flame safeguard system monitors the spark ignited pilot flame at the point where it intersects the main flame. When the flame scanner detects a pilot flame, the main gas valve is opened and the main flame comes on.

Furnace Lining

A new concept in linings has been incorporated into the MIFCO dip out furnace. The firing chamber has a high alumina hard brick lining where flame abrasion is the highest and ceramic fiber lining in the rest of the chamber for fast heat up and lower heat loss. These linings are backed up by a high temperature castable cement. A new concept in the use of fiber linings has also been used to prevent the cracking that occurred in vacuum formed fiber linings used in earlier fiber lined furnaces.

Lid Cover

A swing away cover, lined with fiber insulation, is standard equipment on all DO models. This cover aids in saving fuel and should be kept in place at all times, except when ladling. An optional pneumatic lid lift is also available for these units.

Top Plate

The “Ladle Banger” top is heavy 1/2″ plate with a stainless steel drip shield that extends down inside the crucible so that spilled metal will not run back into the firing chamber. The top does not touch the crucible so that the shock of ladle banging is not transmitted to the crucible or inner lining.dipoutchart-new4-22-2


The Thermocouple Protection Tube is made of silicon carbide material to provide excellent temperature conductivity for quick response to changes. Special surface treatment assures maximum resistance to metal penetration for the protection of the contained thermocouple.

Melt Times

Melting times for aluminum, with the cover closed, will average 3 hours for the DO-600 and 3 1/2 hours for the DO-1000. This time includes adding metal to the melt to bring the total amount of metal melted up to the full capacity of the furnace. Charge Rate of the DO-600 is 200 lbs. per hour and the DO-1000 Charge Rate is 300 to 350 lbs. per hour.

DO-300300300 lbs900 lbs36"x52"x32"x50"x52"14" W.C.1 1/4"1 1/4"650,0002,200 lbs
DO-600600600 lbs1,800 lbs51"x72"x38'x55"x72"22" W.C.1 1/4"1 1/4"1,400,0003,225 lbs
D0-100010001,000 lbs3,000 lbs56"x78"x43"x62"x78"22"W.C.2"2"1,800,0004,366 lbs
DO-150041501,500 lbs4,500 lbs60"x88"x43"x62"x88"2 lbs2"2"2,500,0005,300 lbs
DO-2000420002,000 lbs6,000 lbs661/2"x98"x43"x63" x98"2 lbs2 1/2"2 1/2"3,000,0005,700 lbs