004210 CVC6KH00002250C Watlow controller

Watlow controller CVC6KH00002250C in near new condition.  Customer upgraded to a different controller.  Only one in stock.  Has a three year warranty from 01/06/2017.

14 inch x 2 1/2 inch wide wheel

14 inch  x 2 1/2 inch wide cast iron wheel with 2″ finished bore.

No bearing.  New.

Call 217-446-0941 to order.  Do not order online.

18 inch dia x 5 inch wide wheel

18″ dia x 5″ wide x 3″ bore for roller bearing with 2″ solid rubber tread.  Price is each.  Only 2 available.   Call 217-446-0941.

Do not order online.

8 inch cast iron wheel

8″ cast iron wheel with 2 3/8″ hole in hub.

1 3/8″ vee groove in wheel for surface to run on angle iron track.

4 in stock.

Call 217-446-0941.  Do not order online.

8 inch casters-set of 3

8 inch cast iron casters-10 inches tall.  2 swivel and one locks.

Best offer for the set of 3- call 217-446-0941

Blower with 6 inch flange -never used

Blower unit with 6″ flange – never used.  Call for details.  Must ship via truck.

Buss fuse holder 250 volt 100amp 1B0017 -2CR

Buss fuse holder 250v 100A 1B0017-2CR.   Also have one Marathon equivalent. Sold as each.

Please call your order in to us at 217-446-0941.


Furnas element heater-wide variety-click for more info

Wide variety of new Furnas element heaters in original boxes from our obsolete inventory.

E17,E48,E49,E50,E51,E56,E57,E60,E66 plus a few misc.

$7.00 ea or call for quantity discount.  Order must be called in-do not order Furnas element heater online.


Marathon F60A2B 1 fuse holder 250v 60A class H fuse

Marathon F60A2B 1 fuse holder 250v, 60 amp, class H fuse. Price is each.

Call us at  217-446-0941 to place an order.

Patterns- $20.00 ea-click to see more

Various patterns- eagle, alligator, candles, etc. Click on picture for better view-order must be called in to us  217-446-0941


Set of 3 16×5 silicon carbide base blocks -defects on edges

Set of 3 16×5 silicon carbide base blocks with defects along the edges.

Sold as is.  Price is for the set but would consider a single purchase. Each base block weighs 80#. Call us at 217-446-0941 if you are interested.  Can provide additional pictures if needed.

Stainless Heat Treat Basket

Stainless heat treat basket – approx 15 1/2″ TOD x 11 1/2″ BOD x 18″ deep.