B160 empty shell with burner nozzle

Call for current pricing.

B160 empty steel shell 19″ inside diameter x 14 1/2″ deep- unpainted.

Includes one burner nozzle.  Drain hole in bottom center.

Lid lift and top seals can be purchased separately if desired.

Shipping weight approx. 81#.

Must ship via truck- call 217-446-0941 for pricing.

B301 empty steel shell with nozzles and guide tube

Call for current pricing.

B301 empty steel shell including 2 burner nozzles and 2 burner guide tubes.  22″ inside diameter x 18″ deep.


Drain hole in bottom center.

Lid lift and cast iron segments may be purchased separately if desired.

Must ship via truck. Shipping weight approx. 112#.  Shipping charges extra.  Call 217-446-0941 for estimate of freight charges.


Relining Kit Complete with Lid , Insulation and Refractory Sealer

Replacement relining kits are available for all MIFCO melting furnaces. The kit contains a complete set of refractory shapes to renew furnace chamber lining, a lid, insulation and sealer to renew the furnace in your shop. Complete instructions are included. Please call us with your furnace model number. Must ship via truck.

Hearth plate

DU1020, LTE1616 lower plug conversion kit

DU-1020, LTE-1616 – Conversion kit to change old plug to new style tubular heaters – Includes new plug, bearing mount plate, elements and fittings plus connector lugs. (Call for details. We will need the voltage/phase of your furnace).

F512 Reflector Baffle Set

F-512 – Reflector Baffle Only – Set includes Five (5) Sections.

F526 Reflector Baffle Set

F-526 – Reflector Baffle Set – Contains Eight (8) Sections.

F812 Reflector Baffle Set

F-812 – Reflector Baffle Set- Contains Five (5) Sections

F826 Reflector Baffle Set

F-826 – Reflector Baffle Set – Contains Eight (8) Sections.

Refractory Sealer

– Wash Coating to protect furnace lining. (Minro – Wash – Dry-Water Mix) In 20# box.

Also available in 55#- call for pricing.

Refractory Castable

3000F Casting material, (Quick-Cast) water mix, for lining repair. Sold in 20lb. packages.
Also available in 55# bags – call for pricing

Castable Insulation 55#

Castable Insulation 55# – 2800F Castable Backup Insulation (Matrilite 28) used for casting behind brick lining during a furnace reline.