Heart and leaf 1 inch

Heart and leaf stainless – heart is 1″ wide x 2″ lg and the leaf is 3/4″ wide x 2 1/2″ lg

1/2″ Letter Fonts

LF-50 Letter Fonts – 1/2″ letters and numbers.
Made from white metal (lead). Sharp face gothic. 125 pieces. Other sizes available upon request- please call.

MB-1 Foundry Molders Bench

MB-1 Foundry Molders Bench All steel construction, single work station bench with hinged cover & heavy duty casters. Stores one complete set of molder’s tools (sold separately). Capacity-200 to 250 lbs of sand.

MB-2 Foundry Molders Bench

MB-2 Foundry Molders Bench All steel construction, double work station molder’s bench with hinged cover and heavy duty casters. Front doors remove and set in lid to hold and store 2 complete sets of Molder’s Tools (sold separately). Capacity of 400 to 450 lbs. of sand.
58″ wide x 29″ deep, 30″ floor to lid top, 27″ working height.
Must ship via truck. Freight charges extra.

Plastic Hand Riddle-#4

Plastic Hand Riddle- #4 mesh – for sifting foundry sand. 18 inch diameter.

Plastic Hand Riddle #8

Plastic handle riddle-#8 mesh- for sifting foundry sand- 18″ diameter


4″ stainless steel head with 36″ handle.

4 in. bell plunger with 35 in. handle

4″ OD (3 1/2″ ID) bell plunger with 35″ handle.

4 in. bell plunger with 6 ft handle

4 in. O.D.  ( 3 1/2″ I.D.)  bell plunger with 6 ft handle.

Replaceable Peen End

Replaceable Peen End for aluminum bench rammer