1 1/4″ x 5″ finishing trowel-round

1 1/4″ x 5″ stainless steel finishing trowel-round

16 x 18 Steel Flask-4 in. Cope and Drag

16 x 24 Steel Flask- 4″ Cope and Drag. Rugged, durable, heavy gauge steel flasks manufactured here at MIFCO.

14 1/2″ opening

18 inch dia x 5 inch wide wheel

18″ dia x 5″ wide x 3″ bore for roller bearing with 2″ solid rubber tread.  Price is each.  Only 2 available.   Call 217-446-0941.

Do not order online.

8 inch cast iron wheel

8″ cast iron wheel with 2 3/8″ hole in hub.

1 3/8″ vee groove in wheel for surface to run on angle iron track.

4 in stock.

Call 217-446-0941.  Do not order online.

B160 empty shell with burner nozzle

B160 empty steel shell 19″ inside diameter x 14 1/2″ deep- unpainted.

Includes one burner nozzle.  Drain hole in bottom center.

Lid lift and top seals can be purchased separately if desired.

Price does not include shipping.  Shipping weight approx. 81#.

Must ship via truck- call 217-446-0941 for estimate of freight.

B301 empty steel shell with nozzles and guide tube

B301 empty steel shell including 2 burner nozzles and 2 burner guide tubes.  22″ inside diameter x 18″ deep.


Drain hole in bottom center.

Lid lift and cast iron segments may be purchased separately if desired.

Must ship via truck. Shipping weight approx. 112#.  Shipping charges extra.  Call 217-446-0941 for estimate of freight charges.


Blower with 6 inch flange -never used

Blower unit with 6″ flange – never used.  Call for details.  Must ship via truck.

Buss fuse holder 250 volt 100amp 1B0017 -2CR

Buss fuse holder 250v 100A 1B0017-2CR.   Also have one Marathon equivalent. Sold as each.

Please call your order in to us at 217-446-0941.


C306TB1 Cutler Hammer

Cutler Hammer series A1 Freedom Series terminal base adaptor

CE15ENS3AB series 81

CE15ENS3AB series 81 contactor

Copper lug LU 4/0

Copper lugs LU 4/0.  Bag of 13 – $40.00.   Do not order online- call 217-446-0941


Various fuses –

FRS-R-5, FRS-R-15, TRSP20R, FRS-R-25, FRS-50, FRS-R-50, FRS-R-50,FRS-R-50, FRS-R-40,

FRN-R-70, FRN-R-125,FRN-R-200

Call for pricing and to order.