Burner Nozzle Assembly for Single Burner T-80

Burner Nozzle Assembly: 2 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ – for Single Burner T-80.

Stainless Burner Nozzle Assembly for T200

1 1/2″ x 8 1/2″STAINLESS nozzle for T200


Low Pressure Blower Air Micro Switch 120V

Replacement air switch for 4UV and 6UV systems.

Motor only for B16, MP36

C1F1M – (F10-V067) 1/2 hp. motor only – high speed replacement blower,120v for above furnaces. Call for pricing.

F1M Motor Only for C9, C10, F100A

F1M – (F10-V078) 1/3 hp. – high speed replacement blower motor only, 120v., for above furnaces. Call for pricing.

Motor Brushes G1M, B1G2M and A1XM motors

One Set of Two Motor Brushes for G1M, B1G2M and A1XM motors

Motor Brushes

One Set of 2 Motor Brushes for F1M or C1F1M motor (C9, C10,B16,MP36, F100A furnaces)

UV1A3 Flame Scanner

for MIFCO models B-16, B-160, B-30, C-9, C-10, C-20, MP furnaces, and Slot Forges.

UV1A6 Fireye Flame Scanner

for MIFCO models B-301, B-700, B-701, B-702, T-16, T-160, T-300, T-301 furnaces.  For furnace pit installations, this may not be the proper item for your furnace.  Please call us.

UV8A Fireye Flame Scanner

– for B-1500, B-1501, T-301, T-80, T-200 furnaces.  Includes coupling, 2 butt splices and 2 fork terminals as shown.  For furnaces installed in a pit, please  measure wire and call us with total length-price may vary.


MEC-120 Fireye Chassis – complete

includes Programmer Module and UV Amplifier Module.

MEC-120 Fireye Chassis (only)

less Programmer Module, less UV Amplifier Module