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Flat Hearth Slot Forge Furnace

Forge Furnace -Three Sizes  to Choose Fromslotforg

Models: F-512, F-526, F-826

Chamber sizes:

F-512 – 5″ x 12″,     F-526 – 5″ x 26″,    F-826 – 8″ x 26″

F512 has 3 burner ports.

F526 and F826 have 5 burner ports.

All slots are 7″ deep.
A modern designed forge furnace, offered in 3 sizes to meet the requirements of the General Shop, Vocational and Agricultural School Shops, or, Blacksmith, Industrial, and Farm Maintenance Shops. The Flat Hearth Slot Forge Furnace is particularly adapted for tool dressing and sharpening, general forging, bending, and welding operations. Work is always visible to the operator, thus preventing burning and wasting of materials.

The forge furnace is constructed of heavy gauge steel, structurally reinforced and electric welded. The reflector baffle is made of steel angle and bar to resist sagging and bending. The reflector elevating screw provides easy, positive adjustment to allow for height of material being heated . Like all Speedy Forge Furnaces, the complete firebox and hearth area is lined with High Alumina Fire Brick to give extra service life. High temperature castable insulation between the fire brick and the furnace shell provides faster heating, greater fuel efficiency, and simplifies the relining of the furnace. The reflector baffle lining is composed of standard 9 in. and 13 in. insulating fire bricks. The fire bricks are shipped in a separate carton and slide into the baffle .  An adjustable work support rack is located at the front of the forge-simply pull it out.

The Gas/Air Mixer operates efficiently with either natural or propane fuel. The standard mixer is a two valve, manual control type which permits the operator to adjust the flame to any characteristics desired. Combustion Safeguard Systems with spark ignition and continual flame monitoring are standard equipment on all forging furnaces.

1/2 hp, 3450 rpm blower, 120v only, with 8′ power cord.

 All MIFCO forges manufactured in the year 2015 and later meet the minimum NFPA 86 guidelines (applies to burner systems over 150,000 BTU/HR):

  • Two valves required on pilot and main burners
  • Visual indication of valve position required for burners above 150,000 BTU/HR
  • High and low gas pressure switches required
  • Burners above 400,000 BTU/HR require visual indication and proof of closure

We recommend that the customer install a pressure gauge and regulator on their incoming line.  We DO NOT provide these.

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Width X length
Width X length
F-5125"X7"X13"18"X22"9"X22"32"35"X44.5"60 CFM1/2 HP 3450 RPM200,000
4-6 oz.
1 1/43/4"680 lbs
F-5265"X7"X26"18"X42"9"X36"32"35"X52"110 CFM1/2 HP 3450 RPM450,000
4-6 oz.
1 1/21"920 lbs
F-8268"X7"X26"18"X42"13"X36"32"35"X52"110 CFM1/2 HP 3450 RPM450,000
4-6 oz.
1 1/21"953 lbs