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Batch Mullers

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All MIFCO sand mullers are available with a stop/start station or with a mull cycle control timer.




200 to 250 lb. capacity
Versatile size to service
Designed for big jobs in small foundries
Great for small jobs in big foundries
The Model PM 250 sand muller was designed to fill the need for a machine that can go anywhere in the foundry. Its 200 to 250 pound capacity makes the Model 250 the right sand muller for large and small foundries, for industry, and for educational institutions.


Swif-Mul offers a line of ruggedly builtsand mullers, each designed for efficient operation at a particular batch size; as well as greater economy, greater durability, lower maintenance, and minimum downtime.

Moreover, the low initial investment, coupled with the long life of the machine, makes the Swif-Mul Sand Muller the machine to choose for the greater return of investment.

Get Outstanding Performance in Preparing the Following:

  • Natural and Synthetic Bonded Molding Sands
  • Water Temper or Petroleum Bonded Green Sands
  • Oil Base No-Bake or Furan No-Bake Sands
  • Sodium Silicate No-Bake or CO2 Sands
  • Epoxy No-Bake Sands or Hot Box Sands Conventional Oil and Cereal Core Sands

MODEL ML-250 Sand Muller Specifications:

  • Nominal Capacity – 200 to 250 lbs. per batch  (Capacity varies with type of sand being mulled.)
  • Crib Diameter – 38 inches (.96 M)
  • Overall Height – 56 inches (1.42 M)
  • Crib Height – 48 inches (1.22 M)
  • Base Height – 33 inches (.83 M)
  • Chute Height – 23 inches (.58 M)
  • Floor Space – 48 inches square (31 cm.)
  • Muller Wheels – 18 in. diameter x 3 in. face (45.7 x 7.6 cm)
  • Plows- Dual – abrasion resistant steel, hard faced
  • Drive – Gear reduction, oil-tight gear case, double V-belt drive
  • Bearings – Sealed ball bearings throughout
  • Motor – 5 HP, 208/240/480 volt, 3 phase, 60 hz, 1750 RPM ball bearing, totally enclosed, fan cooled motor with overload protection.
  • Cover- Heavy spun steel with lid interlock safety switch. Hood OPEN/Power OFF
  • Shipping Weight – Approx. 1225 lbs. (560 Kg.)

MODEL ML-125 sand mullerml125a

  • 100-125 lb. capacity
  • Ideal for mulling single bag facing sand or cold-set core sand
  • Ideal for vocational or technical schools and smaller foundry applications

ML-125 Sand Muller Specifications:

  • Nominal Capacity – 100 to 125 lbs. per batch
  • (Capacity varies with type of sand being mulled.)
  • Crib Diameter – 29 inches (.73 M)
  • Overall Height – 47 inches (1.19 M)
  • Crib Height – 44 inches (1.12 M)
  • Base Height – 26 inches (.66 M)
  • Chute Height – 21 inches (.53 M)
  • Floor Space – 36 inches square (23 cm.)
  • Muller Wheels – 14 in. diameter x 2 in. face (35.5 x 5.08 cm)
  • Plows – Dual – abrasion resistant steel, hard faced.
  • Drive – Gear reduction, oil-tight gear case, directly connected to NEMA “C” flange motor.
  • Bearings – Sealed ball bearings throughout.
  • Motor – 2 HP, single or poly phase, 60 hz, 1750 RPM ball bearing, totally enclosed, fan cooled, “C” flange motor with overload protection.
  • Cover – Heavy steel lid interlock safety switch. HoodOPEN/PowerOFF
  • Shipping Weight – Approx. 525 lbs.

MODEL ML-65 Sand Muller

  • 50 to 65 lb. capacityml65
  • Sized right for laboratory use
  • Ideal for industrial arts applications

ML-65 Sand Muller Specifications:

  • Nominal Capacity – 50 to 65 lbs. per batch
  • (Capacity varies with type of sand being mulled.)
  • Crib Diameter – 24 inches (.61 M)
  • Overall Height – 44 inches (1.12 M)
  • Crib Height – 40 inches (1.02 M)
  • Base Height – 25 inches (.63 M)
  • Chute Height – 18 inches (.45 M)
  • Floor Space – 30 inches square (19.2 cm)
  • Muller Wheels – 12 in. diameter x 2 in. face (30.5 x 5.08 cm)
  • Plows – Dual – abrasion resistant steel, hard faced.
  • Drive – Gear reduction, oil-tight gear case, directly connected to NEMA “C” flange motor.
  • Bearings – Sealed ball bearings throughout.
  • Motor – 1 HP, single or poly phase, 60 hz, 1750 RPM ball bearing, totally enclosed, fan cooled, “C” flange motor with overload protection.
  • Cover – Heavy spun steel with gasket seal plus lid interlock safety switch. Hood OPEN / Power OFF
  • Shipping Weight – 390 lbs.


Like other sand handling equipment, sand mulling machinery is usually considered self-destructive. Swif-Mul solves this maintenance problem while delivering completely mulled sand. Those muller components subject to excessive wear can be easily replaced during routine maintenance. Because of this innovative concept, downtime is reduced to a minimum, and high output is maintained for a greater return on the dollars invested. All of this is packaged in a muller that is simple in design, ruggedly built, economically priced, and that delivers high efficiency performance.

SWIF-MUL is Designed for More Efficient Mulling Action

Casting defects are generally caused by poor sand properties. These defects are greatly reduced when molding sands are mulled correctly. A true mulling action requires each grain of sand to be evenly coated with clay and binders.

Swif-Mul Mullers are engineered to supply the action and to supply it regularly. The Swif-Mul mulling action “squeezes” or “kneads” the mass of sand and clay between the mullers and the base. An adjustable spring keeps the correct amount of pressure on the mullers.

As the mullers revolve they cause a “smearing” action that rolls the grains of sand into the clay. To insure thorough mixing, sand plows aerate and continuously churn the entire batch, blending the oil or water uniformly throughout the sand. The result is a well-bonded “envelope” for each sand grain, and excellent adhesion between the coated grains.

SWIF-MUL Reduces Material Costs

Mulling ends the wasteful practice of discarding molding sands considered expendable or irreclaimable. With the addition of small amounts of new binders, catalyst, and oil to oil bonded sand, or the addition of small amounts of new binders and water to water bonded sand, a five or six minute re-mull cycle can renovate sand for further casting use.

In re-mulled sand, as in freshly mulled sand, the correct moisture content to prevent casting defects, and the correct oil content to minimize smoke and fume emissions can be achieved. These are moneysaving benefits – added to the impressive savings in materials which results from the simple practice of re-mulling molding sand.

Compare These SWIF-MUL Features with Other Mix Mullers

Reduced Weight Means Reduced Wear

In any machine, bearing wear and maintenance are directly related to the weight of its moving parts. Swif-Mul has engineered in durability by reducing weight. The light weight aluminum alloy cross head carriage assembly and the light weight muller wheels cause less strain and wear on bearings and gear train.

Adjustable Wheel PressureML250Plo

The wheel pressure can be changed by adjusting the flat tension spring to apply a precise amount of pressure for each specific mulling application. Clearance between the muller wheel and base plate can be adjusted to handle various grades of sand with utmost efficiency.

Protected Pivot and Bearings

The double ball bearings in each muller wheel are totally shielded and permanently lubricated. Seals protect both the axle shaft and the muller bearings to provide maximum bearing life. The pivot joints are enclosed by oil resistant, bellow-type dust covers, giving the wheel joints and moving parts complete protection from the abrasive action of the sand. Multiple-lip sand seals located inside the vertical drive shaft housing, prevent sand from entering the drive shaft and cross head castings.

Adjustable Sand Plows

Fully adjustable inner and outer sand plows are designed to give maximum mixing action. All plows are hard surfaced along the leading edge with a tungsten carbide layer applied by the oxy-acetylene process. Abrasion resistant steel plows are standard with all models.

Discharge Door Operates with One Hand
Opening the bottom discharge door is an easy one-hand operation. The plow action makes discharge automatic and makes the muller practically self-cleaning. Discharge requires about ten seconds. During the mulling cycle a seal ring prevents leakage, and a simple cam lock “locks” the door. The door is adjustable to compensate for normal wear.
SWIF-MUL MODEL PM-250 Portable Muller

The Swif-Mul PM 250 moves the convenience of portability right into your foundry operation yet is able to deliver the same efficient, heavy-duty service you expect from a stationary muller.

Portability and profits can move hand-in-hand. Many companies have found that the increased convenience of wheeling the muller from job site to job site, has been the difference between profitable jobs and losers. And there can be more numbers in the profit column because the efficiency of a full-scale operation does not have to be sacrificed for portability – the PM 250 has a big 200-275 pound capacity.

lt also has heavy-duty engineering. This means performance you can count on and the increased efficiency and profits which go along with dependability.

The Swif-Mul PM 250 puts many fine features on wheels

  • Sealed, anti-friction ball or roller bearings throughout.
  • Abrasion resistant steel plows, faced at wear points with a smooth layer of tungsten carbide which is applied by oxyacetylene torch.
  • Abrasion resistant, hardened steel crib and base liners for extra life. Eight gauge thickness is standard.
  • Radius edge steel muller wheels are standard.
  • Retractable handles for added maneuverability.
  • Convenient chute height means convenient unloading wheelbarrow can be rolled directly underneath.
  • Rolls to the job on 5.75 x 14 inch industrial type pneumatic tires.
  • Shipped fully assembled and ready to go to work.

SWIF-MUL PORTO-UNIT PM-125 Sand Muller  Porto Unit

Wheel convenience right into your small foundry operation with the new Swif-Mul Porto-Unit. It is a heavy-duty cart designed specifically to convert your ML 65 Swif-Mul or your ML-125 Swif-Mul into a portable muller. Conversion is a five minute job – remove eight bolts from the muller legs, exchange the legs for the Porto-Unit, and replace the bolts. Then you can wheel your muller to the job site. It’s simpler than moving your job site to the muller.

It is constructed for durability with standard Schedule 40 black iron pipe. The Porto-Unit wheels for the ML-65 are fitted with eight inch, oil resistant rubber tires. The Porto-Unit wheels for the heavier ML-125 are fitted with ten inch, oil resistant rubber tires