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LTE – Low Temp Electric Ovens

LTE-Low Temperature Electric Ovens for TEMPERING or DRAWING

The LT Series Furnace with Industrial Control Optionlte18

To gain maximum temperature uniformity, MIFCO LT (Low Temperature) Series Convection Furnaces are designed with a stainless steel high velocity fan to force air evenly throughout the load. The fan draws air in from the top of the stainless steel furnace chamber and blows it over the heating elements to re-enter the furnace chamber through orifices in the sides and bottom. The temperature control thermocouple is located in the heated air stream where it enters the work load chamber; therefore, the parts being heated can never exceed the control instrument set point. The furnace is lined with four (4) inches of the finest high temperature castable insulation for continuous operation and maximum efficiency.

The work load chamber, re-circulating fan and fan shaft, and door face are made of chrome nickel, heat resistant stainless steel. (Furnaces larger than the LTE-1830 do not have the stainless work chamber.)

Electric heating elements are readily accessible for replacement or repair.

On our smaller LT furnaces, the instrument panel is located on the side of the furnace with convenient, eye level controls. Larger units have their controls mounted in either free standing or wall mounted, NEMA 1 rated enclosures. Our Industrial Control packages are standard on all models in addition to many other instrumentation options. See Printable Manual of this Model

Dimensions and Specifications for Convection Tempering Furnaces:

LTE-182418" sq.18W-18H-24D31W-77H-33D1/2 hp
1725 rpm
240/480332 x 641,040 lbs.
LTE-183018" sq.18W-18H-30D31W-77H-39D1/2 hp
1725 rpm
240/480332 x 701,762 lbs

Temperature range of 100° to 1200° F.
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