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Steel Foundry Sand Flasks – and Aluminum Flask Jackets

Steel Foundry Sand Flasks and Aluminum Flask Jackets


Steel foundry sand flasks are used to hold the molding sand when ramming a mold.

Odd dimensions not mentioned below will carry a special order price. We will be steelflaskhappy to quote an exact price. Special order size flasks are not returnable. All flasks are made from 1/8″ HR steel. Steel foundry flasks are 4 inch cope (top) and 4 inch drag (bottom). *Size refers to outside dimension. There is a 3/4″ fold around the edges.

Also available ALUMINUM FLASK JACKETS (not shown)-

Reusable aluminum flask jacket sides help constrain your green sand molds after the molding flask is removed.  In addition, they help keep the hydraulic pressure from breaking the mold apart during the casting process and prevent mold blowout. See picture in our online store- call us for pricing.


Model #*SizeModel #*Size
03090610 x 1003101012 x 16
03090010 x 1203094012 x 18
03112010 x 1403094212 x 24
03092210 x 1603096014 x 14
03093210 x 1803095014 x 16
03099010 x 2403096214 x 18
03092012 x 1203097014 x 24
03093012 x 1403099216 x 18
03098018 x 24